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Waterproof casts are not generally offered in public hospitals. However, being able to get your cast wet is a huge benefit, especially in our hot climate.

One of the biggest issues people face when wearing a cast is not being able to get it wet. Showering means using a bag to keep your arm dry, and doing anything that involves immersing yourself in water such as swimming or surfing is out.

Like the majority of casts today, our waterproof casts are made from fibreglass. The difference is that our fibreglass casts have a waterproof lining instead of a cotton one. This allows water to drain from the cast while keeping the padding intact.

We make our waterproof linings from a synthetic material that repels water. Even after swimming, the liner can air-dry in just a few hours. However, while they are waterproof, we recommend avoiding the beach as sand can get in and irritate the skin.

Our casts come in a choice of colours – something that goes down well with our younger patients. And, yes, you can draw on them!

HTC Applying a waterproof cast

Benefits of
waterproof casts

  • Less sweat and odour

  • More hygienic

  • Fewer skin problems

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