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Custom-made splints

While we do occasionally use off-the-shelf, we specialise in custom-made thermoplastic splints. In fact, we make them on-site at our clinics.

Just like casts, splints are designed to protect and support fractured or injured bones and joints. They can also be tightened or loosened as swelling increases or decreases.

We measure and mould our custom-made splints at the time of consultation and design them around a person’s specific injury or condition. For example, for a broken wrist, we might make a more rigid splint than for someone post-surgery who has a plate. Our splints can also be changed, re-moulded, and reused over time.

Custom-made splints are less clunky and more functional than a cast. They allow us to support the problem, reduce pain, and improve function in the affected arm, hand, or finger so you can carry on working and doing the things you enjoy doing while you’re healing.

We also use custom-made splints to direct exercise programs. For example, by keeping functional joints still, we can put the stiffer, less-mobile joints to work. This can help accelerate progress and recovery.

HTC Custom-made splints

Use of custom-made splints

  • Protect healing tissue
  • Correct deformity
  • Support inflamed joints
  • Immobilise repaired structures
  • Improve function through correct positioning

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